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1sqm Pack - Gravel Ground Reinforcement Grid Panel Tile System (White)

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1sqm Pack - Gravel Ground Reinforcement Grid Panel Tile System


EARTHWORX Groundrings Gravel panels are an effective method of containing and stabilising loose aggregate surfacing. This helps to prevent gravel migration, sinking and rutting and makes it possible to walk, cycle and push wheeled vehicles (e.g. wheelchairs and pushchairs) over the surface.

The unique design of the grid includes an open mesh base which allows water to pass through whilst preventing the build-up of silt and fine debris within the cell. This prevents the aggregate working its way underneath the grid, causing it to lift and making it very difficult to rectify.


  • Unique ring design = optimum strength
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
  • Suitable for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Open mesh base = no silt build up
  • Fully permeable gravel surface
  • Prevents gravel migration, sinking and rutting
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 25mm deep = uses less gravel
  • Fully compatible with Grass panels


  • Pack: 4 x panels per pack = 1 square metre (sqm)
  • Panel Size: 500mm x 500mm = 4 panels per square metre
  • Panel Depth: 25mm (+ mesh base = 28mm overall)
  • Cell Diameter: 50mm
  • Gravel Size (recommended): 6mm – 20mm
  • Gravel Demand: 45 – 50kg per m2
  • Material: 100% recycled, UV stabilised HDPE
  • Resistance: Chemical resistant
  • Colour: White
  • Load Bearing Capacity: 350 tonnes per m2
  • Coverage: 1 sq/m
  • Supplied: As plastic panel
  • Item Weight: 3.0 (Kg)
  • Delivery Time: approx. 2 working days (more delivery info)


Installation Guidelines:

  1. Excavate soil (sub-grade) to the required depth (allowing for sufficient depth of sub-base material and the panels / surface finish).
  2. Lay DRAINTEX or DRIVETEX geotextile fabric.
  3. Secure using EXTRAFIX fixing pegs.
  4. Lay stone sub-base layer (e.g. MOT Type 1 or 3 - Type 3 must be used for porous installations) to the required depth, compact and level to engineer’s specification.
  5. Blind the surface with a layer of sharp sand or granite fines to level out any undulations in the sub-base before laying the panels.
  6. Lay the Groundrings Gravel panels over the base with the mesh side down and clip together. Nail down using steel spiral spikes/ nails (if required).
  7. Spread the final gravel surface over the panels to a depth approx. 10-15mm higher than the top edge of the rings, so that they are concealed.
  8. Rinse the gravel with water (if required) and lightly compact the gravel to aid settlement and consolidation.

Note: These instructions are provided as a guide only and do not offer any warranty since the site conditions and requirements can vary.

If you need some guidance or tips on how to correctly install one of our fabrics, then please have a look at our video tutorials on how to install, which should help answer some of the questions you may have.


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