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Ground Cover Membrane

Heavy Duty Woven Ground Cover Membrane (100gsm) branded as GroundTex.

Heavy Duty Woven Ground Cover Membrane (100gsm) branded as GroundTex.

Application: GroundTex woven ground cover membrane works above ground as a heavy duty weed control fabric, built to last for long term weed suppression. This hard wearing woven fabric successfully meets the demands of soft and hard landscaping and is strong enough to be laid down over the ground and walked on. This is why it is commonly used by garden centres and nurseries as the membrane of choice when covering the ground inside their polythene tunnels.

GroundTex fabric is also suitable for use below ground as a stabilising and separating membrane, especially under gravel driveways & paths. This fabric is perfect for areas of the garden that gets lots of foot traffic and is graded as 100 grams per square metre (100gsm).

Benefits: Cover the ground with fabric for chemical free weed control in your garden, while also stabilising the ground below. It is also easily unrolled and cut using safety knives or scissors. This fabric is high quality and graded 100 grams per square metre (100gsm). Based on regular feedback, we are confident that Ground Cover Solutions GroundTex is one of the best quality 100g ground cover membrane on the market.

Available Sizes: We supply a large selection of rolls that come in widths of 1m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 3.3m, 4.2m, 4.5m and 5.0m wide.

It is important for us that you order the correct fabric, specific to your application. If you are not 100% sure which fabric is best for your project, then please have a look at our Fabric Comparison Guide, which should help you select the most appropriate fabric for your needs.
If you need some guidance or tips on how to correctly install one of our fabrics, then please have a look at our video tutorials on how to install, which should help answer some of the questions you may have.