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Grid Panel System

 Ground Reinforcement Grid Panel Tile System branded as Earthworx Groundrings

Ground Reinforcement Grid Panel Tile System branded as Earthworx Groundrings


EARTHWORX Groundrings is a plastic modular grid system with different panels / tiles for reinforcement and stabilisation of grass and gravel surfaces. All Groundrings products are manufactured using 100% recycled and recyclable, UV stabilised plastic.

The unique ring design has been selected for its optimum strength when used in grass or gravel paving as it has no weak corners and is suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Groundrings panels, once installed create a fully permeable layer offering a natural alternative to hard landscaped surfaces. This porous and free-draining design eliminates water run-off thus reducing demand on surface water drainage systems and making it suitable for use in SuDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) compliant schemes.


Whether installing a Grass or Gravel module, Groundrings panels are very quick to lay, providing a cost effective solution when compared to other porous hard landscape surfaces. The unique but simple clip mechanism makes the panels very easy to join together. Grass and Gravel panels are compatible meaning they can be used together on mixed schemes. Joints can be staggered and panels easily cut to follow borders and edgings to minimize wastage.

Available Sizes: All Groundring panels / tiles are 500mm x 500mm, which means that you will receive 4 panels for every square meter ordered.

Free Delivery & Discounts: Free Delivery with every order and massive multi purchase discounts.

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If you need some guidance or tips on how to correctly install one of our fabrics, then please have a look at our video tutorials on how to install, which should help answer some of the questions you may have.