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DriveTex & DrainTex - Geotextile Filter Membrane (90gsm & 80gsm)

Driveway Geotextile Membrane (90gsm) branded as DriveTex.


DriveTex nonwoven geotextile fabric is permeable, so allows water to pass through providing drainage, filtration and separation functions between aggregate and soil layers and therefore is widely used for wrapping land drains (perforated pipes) and soakaway crates in groundworks and drainage applications.

DriveTex is also perfect for ground stabilisation and designed to be used as a separator between aggregate and soil layers, making it ideal for under vehicle areas as a brick / monoblock driveway fabric.


DriveTex is thermally bonded together giving superior performance, so loses less strength over time than woven equivalents. Based on regular feedback, we are confident that Ground Cover Solutions DriveTex is one of the best quality 90g geotextile driveway membrane on the market.



DrainTex is a standard nonwoven geotextile filter membrane with excellent drainage and filtration properties. DrainTex has a stable but open structure making it ideal for lining trenches when constructing land drains. DrainTex also acts as a filter membrane, separating the aggregate from the soil, thus preventing the aggregate from mixing with the soil and reducing the efficiency and capacity of the drain.

DrainTex is also used for wrapping soakaway and water attenuation crates in both small domestic and large commercial projects. Again the high permeability of the fabric, means water can percolate through whilst preventing the soakaway becoming silted up. DrainTex can also be used as a ground stabilisation membrane beneath type 1 or 3 aggregate or hardcore to form a stable base in many hard landscaping and civil engineering applications.  


Based on regular feedback, we are confident that Ground Cover Solutions DrainTex is one of the best quality 80g geotextile filter membrane on the market. The fabric is perfect for filtering water when constructing land drains. Draintex is also an excellent membrane for ground control under gravel layers.

It is important for us that you order the correct fabric, specific to your application. If you are not 100% sure which fabric is best for your project, then please have a look at our Fabric Comparison Guide, which should help you select the most appropriate fabric for your needs.
If you need some guidance or tips on how to correctly install one of our fabrics, then please have a look at our video tutorials on how to install, which should help answer some of the questions you may have.