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4.5m x 100m Heavy Duty Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane 100g

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Earthworx NW1000 - Heavy Duty Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane 100g


An extra heavy duty, non-woven geotextile 100gsm with superior durability and mechanical resistance, providing ultimate performance in separation, filtration, drainage and reinforcement. EARTHWORX NW1000 is a quality geotextile fabric, manufactured from 100% polypropylene fibres to a high specification, which makes it suitable for demanding civil engineering projects particularly those with areas subject to a large volume of vehicular traffic and large imposed loads.


This geotextile membrane prevents the sub-grade (soil) and sub-base (MOT Type 1 or similar) layers from mixing, which leads to contamination of the stone sub-base resulting in sinking and rutting of the surface. EARTHWORX NW1000 is widely used for roads, highways, car parks, railway construction, foundations and retaining structures.

EARTHWORX NW1000 can also be used as a drainage and separation layer in the construction of horse arenas, subject to the joints being correctly stitched or bonded.


  • Size: 4.5m x 100m
  • Type: Non-Woven
  • Grade: 100gsm
  • Coverage: 450 sq/m
  • Supplied: As a roll
  • Item Weight: 42.0 (Kg)
  • Multi Purchase Discounts: We offer extra discounts for every additional roll you buy.
  • Delivery Time: approx. 2 working days (more delivery info)
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