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2m x 50m Superior Weed Control Fabric / Landscape Fabric 70g

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2m x 50m Superior Weed Control Fabric / Landscape Fabric 70g


LandTex landscape fabric acts as a superior weed control fabric and is used in many applications including under garden gravel paths, decorative layers such as mulching bark chippings, stone chippings, pebbles or gravel for chemical free weed control. LandTex weed control membrane is permeable, allowing nutrients, water and air into the soil to maintain it's goodness, whilst preventing weeds growing. This fabric is perfect for areas of the garden that gets light foot traffic and is graded as 70gsm. This fabric is similar to Terram, Plantex and Weedban, which are just brand names like our LandTex.


LandTex superior 70gsm landscape fabric is a premium weed control fabric which is a lot thicker than many cheap alternatives on the market. Cover the ground with LandTex for chemical free weed control in your garden. It is lightweight, easily unrolled and cut using safety knives or scissors. Ground Cover Solutions LandTex is the best quality 70g nonwoven weed control fabric on the market.


  • Size: 2m x 50m
  • Type: NonWoven / Spun
  • Grade: 70gsm
  • Coverage: 100 sq/m
  • Supplied: As a Roll
  • Folded: in half before being rolled.
  • Item Weight: 7.5 (Kg)
  • Multi Purchase Discounts: We offer extra discounts for every additional roll you buy.
  • Delivery Time: approx. 2 working days (more delivery info)
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