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1m x 15m Ground Cover Membrane / Heavy Duty Weed Fabric 100g

  • £1946 exc VAT

1m x 15m Ground Cover Membrane / Heavy Duty Weed Fabric 100g


GroundTex Woven ground cover fabric works above ground as a heavy duty weed control membrane, built to last for long term weed suppression. Groundtex allows water to permeate through whilst stopping the light that's essential to weed growth.

GroundTex has a good tear resistance makes this landscape fabric also suitable for use below ground as a stabilising and separating membrane under gravel driveways, path & decks. GroundTex is a hard wearing woven fabric and successfully meets the demands of soft and hard landscaping and is strong enough to be layed down over the ground and walked on.


Cover the ground with fabric for chemical free weed control in your garden. It has a planting line on it to help with accurate planting. It is also easily unrolled and cut using safety knives or scissors. Ground Cover Solutions GroundTex is the best quality 100g ground cover membrane  / heavy duty woven weed control fabric on the market.


  • Size: 1m x 15m
  • Type: Woven
  • Grade: 100gsm
  • Coverage: 15 sq/m
  • Supplied: As a Roll
  • Pattern: Lined, but not gridded.
  • Item Weight: 1.4 (Kg)
  • Multi Purchase Discounts: We offer extra discounts for every additional roll you buy.
  • Delivery Time: approx. 2 working days (more delivery info)
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