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Welcome to Ground Cover Solutions

Stock Message (27/06/2022):

All of our fabric ranges are now fully back in stock. So we should have what you need for your Summer projects! Order today for fast delivery, with multi purchase discounts.

Welcome to Ground Cover Solutions. UK suppliers of Ground Cover Membrane and Weed Control Fabric ......

Ground Cover Solutions Ltd is a UK based supplier of high quality ground cover membrane, weed control fabric and geotextile membrane for the horticultural and construction industry. Cover the ground with fabric for chemical free weed control. Use Heavy Duty Woven or Geotextile driveway fabric as a ground stabilisation layer under your gravel driveway or path. With a large range of fabric types and sizes available, we offer FREE delivery with every order and massive multi purchase discounts.

While browsing our store why not check out our new customer project blog, where our customer show what they have used our fabrics for!! 

It is important for us that you order the correct fabric, specific to your application. If you are not 100% sure which fabric is best for your project, then please have a look at our Fabric Comparison Guide, which should help you select the most appropriate fabric for your needs.

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